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BUNN H5XA Element Red, CE EURO

15.900,00 DKK u/mvg
19.875,00 DKK v/mvg

5 Gal (18.9L) 220-240V CE EURO Red Hot Water Dispenser

Dimensions: H 28.5" W 7.1" D 17.5"

Accuracy, adjustability, energy efficiency and style in a quality hot water dispenser


  • LED display provides simple temperature adjustment
  • Contemporary, space-saving design
  • Programmable “Energy Saver Mode" reduces operating cost during idle periods
  • ThinsulateU+00AE tank insulation provides increased energy efficiency
  • Digital thermostat provides constant and accurate temperatures of 60U+00B0- 212U+00B0F (15.6U+00B0-100U+00B0C)
  • The perfect tool for added control over quality coffee and tea